Biomass Fuel

We recommend the use of purposely manufactured wood chip in your biomass boilers and CHP plants to ensure maximum efficiency and optimum performance. Our sister company, Woodtek Biomass, produce a quality wood chip fuel.

We have many years experience of kiln drying timber, working with biomass boilers and running our dryers with CHP plants, we are therefore experts when it comes to the burning of wood chip. Woodtek Biomass have used our expertise in these areas to develop their wood chip.

Woodtek Biomass have their main production facility based at our Mid Wales factory. They produce all their CHP wood chip using a static electric disc chipper. We believe this gives them the edge over many wood chip suppliers, as a disc chipper produces a more consistent wood chip. In comparison to using a drum chipper, the chip produced has less fines, dust and oversized pieces. After the wood chip is chipped it travels along a vibrating screen and conveyor system, which eliminates any fines and oversized pieces to ensure the wood chip is of the highest quality. The plant is serviced at regular intervals to ensure the quality of the chip remains at its best. 

The wood chip for biomass boiler fuel is manufactured from virgin material, grown in Wales and the borders using the static disc chipper and mobile drum chipper. It is force dried in our fleet of Woodtek Dryers at the main production facility, and at contract dryer sites located around the country.

The wood chip for CHP plants is manufactured at the main production facility using the static disc chipper. All the fines are removed to ensure optimum running effiency of CHP plants.

Woodtek Biomass supply customers across the country and their wood chip has gained an excellent reputation for its quality.

The wood chip can be delivered on artic lorries or by smaller agricultural trailer loads..

All the fuels are BSL registered.

Wood Chip

We have a range of wood chip to suit all requirements.


Produced from softwood logs sourced locally to the drying site, this woodchip is produced on site with a drum chipper, fitted with a G50 screen to ensure no oversized pieces. The chip is available as a force dried chip, dried using Woodtek Eco Dryers and it is available as a seasoned wood chip. A portion of the G50 force dried wood chip at the main production facility is dried using the static disc chipper.


Produced from softwood logs sourced in Wales and the borders, this wood chip is processed with the static disc chipper. All fines are removed from this wood chip to ensure optimum performance when used in CHP plants. Woodtek Biomass have worked closely with many of their customers to develop the CHP woodchip, they now supply a large range of CHP plants accross the country.


Produced from softwood and hardwood whole tree sourced locally. This is one of the most economical and sustainable wood chips available, as it is porcesed using the whole tree, including the branches. We grade the chip twice, once prior to drying, which removes any oversized material and again after drying to remove dust and fines.


Woodtek Biomass force dry all of their wood chip using a fleet of Woodtek Eco Dryers. The dryers reduce the moisture content down to 20 - 25%, which is perfect for reliable and efficient boiler operation.

A group of drying sites are located accross the country, which ensures Woodtek Biomass can respond immediately to peaks in demand and ensure a consistent supply.